Optimization Menu

Two options are proposed in this menu. The first one, called OLS (Least Squares) allows to optimize the rule conclusions. It is detailed in the ols menu, section 3.2.3.

The second option allows the optimization of the FIS elements: MF bound location for fuzzy inputs and outputs, rule conclusions. The Solis and Wetts method is available. It is a mono agent evolutionist strategy. The reference [7] gives the detailed algorithms. It is available in two forms:

Possible constraints

Whatever the FIS element to optimize, the optimization is based on the FIS performance improvement.

The algorithm can be sumitted to some user defined constraints. The solutions found will onlu=y be retained if they satisfy the constraints.



In case of success, the procedure creates a new optimized FIS, which is opened in a new window. Otherwise, a warning is displayed.

A perf.res file is written, that includes the accuracy of the initial FIS, of each optimized FIS and of the medain FIS, calculated for the initial dataset, each test sample and each learning sample.

Advice for users

The optimization procedure does not find the absolute best solution, but one solution corresponding to the given criteria.

It is advisable to proceed with successive steps, rather than to optimize everything at once. It is always possible to iterate the optimization procedure, by reusing the FIS created at the previous optimization step.