Input Variable Window

Fuzzy partitioning can be defined using a regular or irregular grid with a given number of triangular fuzzy sets. This grid has the properties of a standardized fuzzy partition

Partitioning can also be built by hand.

In any case, membership functions properties are editable, and each parameter -type, break points- can be modified at any time. Available types include triangular, trapezoidal, lower and upper semi trapezoidal, sinus, lower and upper semi sinus, Gaussian, discrete or rectangular (door) membership functions. The last type corresponds to crisp values. Note: for consistency reasons, if a data file is open, its number of columns must be at least equal to the number of inputs declared in the FIS.

Note: New input - input removal

Following the previous note, a new input cannot be added to a FIS if a data file is open. The data file must be closed first.