Generate a FIS without rules

To use this option, there must be a current data file.
It is used as reference to generate the fuzzy partitions.

This option allows to generate the FIS inputs and outputs. The hierarchy type can be chosen (see section 3.1.2 - Generate vertices), as well as the number of fuzzy sets per variable, the tolerance on unique values or the number of groups for a k-means hierarchy.

The generated FIS has as many variables as the data file has columns.

It has a single output, which corresponds to the last column in the data file.

The conjunction operator is parameterized, the default output is a fuzzy output. It can be later edited to be transformed into a crisp output.

The FIS without rules can be used as an entry point to any of the following rule induction procedures: option Generate rules and Generate conclusions, fuzzy decision trees or the Wang & Mendel algorithm.

The current FIS is not overwritten, a new FIS window pops up.