Install on Windows

You must have administrative privileges to install FisPro on your computer.

FisPro needs the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed (version 1.8 or greater).
To check if Java is already installed, type java -version into the Windows “Command Prompt”.
If Java is not installed, download and install Java from

Since April 2019, Oracle has stopped public support of Java 8 for professional, commercial or production purposes.
If you prefer to use a free open-source implementation of Java, you can install an OpenJDK version of Java: Eclipse Adoptium OpenJDK, Azul Zulu Builds of OpenJDK or Java Development Kit builds, from Oracle.
Prefer an LTS (Long Term Support) version of OpenJDK: 8, 11 or 17.
Follow these instructions to run FisPro on JDK >= 16.
The development version of FisPro supports the use of ‘JAVA_HOME’ or ‘PATH’ environment variables to launch the installed Java Runtime Environment.

Download the installation wizard: and follow instructions to install FisPro.

Because the FisPro executables are not signed, Windows or your antivirus software will probably prevent you from executing the installer or the program itself. You can click “Run anyway” to install/run the program.

Training datasets are available in folder “C:\ProgramData\FisPro\data”.

By installing FisPro you accept the CeCILL free software license agreement