Development version 3.9-SNAPSHOT
  • The Java Runtime Environment JRE is now bundled inside the Windows FisPro application. No need to install Java to use FisPro
  • Bug fixes:
    • hfpselect command-line bug
    • temporary files in HFP GUI
Version 3.8 has been released on 2021-04-21
  • C++ code updated to support the C++14 standard
  • Fix C++ bugs
    • Version 3.7 has been released on 2019-10-02
      • New output is crisp by default
      • Crisp output has ‘max’ disjunction by default
      • Bug Fixes:
        • Data inference view ‘Errors / Infered’ was not correctly displayed
        • When opening data file, the first line may be omitted if the data file have no header