A powerful user-friendly environment

When the program is started, the main window appears. Several menus are available which are detailed in this section. Configuration information: language, working directory, are recorded in the file located in the FisPro installation directory.

The choice of the conjunction operator, which is used in calculating the matching degree of each rule premise, is done in the main window. Three possibilities are given: product, minimum and the Lukasiewicz operator, $max(0, a + b - 1)$.

In a multiple output system, the aggregation and defuzzification operators (see 1) can change with each output. They are not defined in the main window, but in each output window.

Context menus: Context menus are available in the Input, Output windows of the FIS menu, and in the Table window of the Data menu. They are called through a right mouse click.

Printing and exporting graphics : In the Input, Output windows of the FIS menu, in the Rule window, in the 2D and 3Dpartbiblifonc graphic visualization submenus of FIS and Data, two options Print and Export are available. They allow to print the displayed graphics, or to export it in one of the usual formats (eps, jpeg, gif, png, pdf).